Thursday, July 26, 2012

And We Are Moved

The official move wasn't without a few hiccups, but it's done.  We are officially in NC! :)

My poor genealogy research has taken a hit, as I haven't really done anything on it since 2 months ago.  I need to get back to it.  I have a project I was working on, for a barter situation, that I need to finish up with.

I did just order the DNA kit for my father to take, for the Nichols Project. Maybe this will finally give us some answers, or at least direction, on this brick wall.  I will keep you updated, once we get the results.  We chose the Y-DNA37 test.

I will also keep you updated on some of my research for my friend, as well as my own.  I haven't set my filing system up here yet.  It's all kind of mish mash in the containers I chose for it.  Need to get that done for sure before I do anything else.  I have a "to do" list a mile long for this stuff, on top of starting a new school year for our homeschooling.  Should be interesting.

I did just sign up for two great free webinars though.  Need to start working on the education side of things.  One is "Neglected History" with Megan Smolenyak.  That one is August 1st.  The other is "Using Our Nation's Library" with Laura G. Prescott, on August 20th.  I have never done webinars for genealogy before, but definitely looking forward to them!

Hope you are all enjoying your research!